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About Us

Leading IP Video Applicances and Video Analytics since 2013

Forlan GmbH was founded in 2013 and is a private Austrian IT company based in Vienna. Forlan is a leading manufacturer of OEM solutions and standard products in the areas of AI-based video analysis, machine and deep learning and VSS IP network security. In addition to the standard portfolio, Forlan offers comprehensive consulting as well as special developments on a project basis in order to realize well-founded solutions for the customer.
In 2017 the foundation for a new era was lead by joining the SAIMOS family. Since 2018 all line products going forward will be part of the SAIMOS brand. The first new SAIMOS product, SAIMOS C3 core for Milestone XProtect, was introduced in late 2018 and offers fully integrated video analytics for the Milestone XProtect product portfolio. With the 2020 R1 Release of SAIMOS VA and the new SAIMOS VA Plugin for XProtect new products and improved technology has been introduced. SAIMOS VA enables seamless integration to XProtect using the XProtect Plugin.

Our Solutions

We are proud to be part of the SAIMOS family and contribute with our solutions to the SAIMOS solutions.

AI and Video Analytics for IP Video Systems

We offer a strong framework for AI and Video Analytics specialized, but not limited to, IP Video Analytics.

Virtual Appliances for IP Video Monitoring and 802.1x network security

We offer easy to use virtual appliances for network monitoring and 802.1x network security specialized for IP Video networks.

Special solutions for 3D counting and tailgating detection using ToF 3D Sensors

Our specialized solution for 3D counting and tailgating detection makes use of the BECOM Argos P32x series and is fully integrated into the SAIMOS VA Framework.

C3 Edge Sense

C3 Edge Sense is a project supported by the Vienna Business Agency

It has the aim to enable the use of modern time of flight sensors within the Forlan C3 Framework server side and on the edge. Please contact us for more information about the C3 Edge Sense Project.